Glossy HiTack

Glossy coated HiTack adhesive vinyl stickers

Extremely sticky adhesive with a glossy laminate, can also be made with our Soft Matte laminate. Perfect for those who want a decal with great durability that is tough to remove once placed. The glossy laminate is UV + weather + scratch resistant and meant for outdoor use.  This glossy sticker is 6mil.

Great for uneven surfaces, materials that are hard to stick to, industrial uses, and product labeling.

Tip – Once you place the HiTack sticker, wave a hair dryer or heat gun over the sticker for a few seconds to really tack up the adhesive for a quick bond on really tough surfaces, and then let it stick!

  • color25px CMYK, digital
  • express25px 4-6 days*
  • weatherproof25px 4-6 years outdoors


* Express delivery available