Glossy or Soft Matte Holographic Custom Stickers

Our holographic material is awesome plain and simple. Great for hat decals, apparel, funky artwork, warranty stickers, and more! Make custom holographic stickers or custom holographic decals with a glossy laminate coating for outdoor use. When uploading artwork to our editor you can make a comment where you want the holo effect to “shine through”.  You can say something like “only show effect where no ink is present” or “show effect on all ink colors” or even just certain areas!  To get the holo colors you can use a CMYK ink value or gradient where you want the holo effect to be! There are so any possibilities, don’t hesitate to ask!

    • color25pxFull Color Printing
    • express25px 3-5 Days Turnaround *
    • weatherproof25px Outdoor Rated

    * Express options available