Social Distancing COVID stickers

Social Distancing COVID-19 stickers to meet guidelines in retail business.

As your store or business opens you may need to meet new guidelines for Social Distancing standards related to Coronavirus aka COVID-19.  These Social Distancing stickers make it easy.  Order large decals for your floors, or smaller labels to place throughout your store.  If you need help customizing these to your branding please email us and we will help you with social distancing custom sticker artwork.

Choose a Sandy Matte textured finish for floors or bars, soft matte and glossy stickers are available as well.

These Social Distancing stickers may be mandatory in your area for restaurants, salons, grocery stores, bars, and retail stores and shops.

  • color25px Digital
  • express25px 4-6 days *
  • weatherproof25px 3-5 years outdoors

* Express delivery available